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QuickSlant Podcast S3 E5 – Talking Longhorns football with UT Tailgators

Talking Big 12 dark horses, Kevin Durant, and of course, Texas Longhorns football with UT Tailgaters!

Matt Fegan, who you probably know on Twitter as @uttailgaters, joined the show today to talk about all things Texas football.

Before jumping into football though, we had an interesting discussion on the dynamic of Longhorns fans rooting for Kevin Durant when he played for a team in *gasp* Oklahoma! As well as Durant’s departure from the Thunder and if it made Matt laugh a little at Oklahoma sports fan’s expense.

When we actually started talking about football, Matt and I shared a cautious optimism concerning new head coach Tom Herman. While he certainly provides excitement into a program devoid of any, and has a history of beating other big time coaches and schools, it would be wise for UT fans to remain realistic with their expectations.

On top of that, we dove into the Longhorn’s quarterback situation heading into the year, and run through the Longhorn’s schedule. What is the magic number of wins fans should be looking for this year? Well, I guess there is only one way to find out.

We also talked more Big 12 football, like TCU’s across-the-board success in athletics, although Kenny Hill will keep me from hopping on the TCU bandwagon anytime soon. I also revealed my dark horse Big 12 team, and lastly, Matt and I reminisced about old-school Big 12 football and how much we miss it.

Hope you enjoy the show! Thanks for listening!

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