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Coach Bill Belichick Is Headed To Austin

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will visit Texas this weekend for a coaches clinic.


Coach Bill Belichick Is Headed To Austin. And no, the New England Patriots head coach hasn’t walked away from his NFL career to help coach the Longhorns next season. However, he will make an appearance on the 40 acres this weekend as a keynote speaker at a Longhorn’s coaching clinic.

Coach Tom Herman spoke with reporters this week about coach Belichick’s upcoming visit, and what it means for his coaching staff.

“He [Belichick] is going to speak to our staff and certainly we’ll try to get him in front of our team before practice,” coach Herman said. “He’s scheduled to spend a couple hours with our staff. It’s a tribute to what the University of Texas is. It’s a tribute to the guys who’ve played for us, not just at the University of Texas, but us as a coaching staff and guys who’ve gone here, the Malcolm Browns of the world, that Coach Belichick would think enough of us to want to do that. Again, it’s our privilege to give that back to the high school coaches in state. It’ll be, according to Jan Allgood, the most attended high school spring plan that we’ve ever had here, which is a testament to obviously his draw power, but also our relationships with the high school coaches and their feeling welcome to come here to Austin.” 

This is a huge boon for the Longhorns. It’s not everyday that a five-time Super Bowl head coach waltzes in through the front doors. Just be sure to check the air pressure in the balls after he leaves.

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