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A Couple Of #NotTop10 Moments By Big 12 Coaches

I have a feeling we will be seeing these gifs for months to come.


It is not every day that we are gifted a beautiful fail moment by a Big 12 coach, let alone two in the same day. What a glorious Friday!

The first not top 10 moment is brought to us by West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen. I’m not entirely sure of what is going on, but it appears that the tether ball is used to simulate blocking a punt. If only coach Holgorsen had blocked it before it tagged him in an area guys really don’t like to be tagged in.

At least coach Holgorsen is a good sport about it. Hopefully he doesn’t come to regret posting it, because if things don’t go well this season this is probably not the last we have seen of this gif.

Speaking of gifs we will probably see more of in the fall, the Longhorns streamed the demolition of their old lockers live, but they put up an unexpected fight.

To Herman’s credit though, once he regains his balance he goes right back at the locker with another swing. Here’s the extended clip, complete with Herman’s little dance leading up to the gif above.



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