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Oklahoma QB Chris Robison Arrested For Public Intox

Someone take the bottle away from Oklahoma’s quarterbacks.

Getty Images - Brett Deering

A Sooner’s quarterback is facing a public intoxication charge, and no, we aren’t talking about Baker Mayfield’s previous arrest. As Casey Murdock with WWLS The Sports Animal out of Oklahoma City first reported, Oklahoma freshman quarterback Chris Robison was arrested early Sunday morning for public intoxication.

This means two current Oklahoma quarterbacks are facing public intox charges at the same time. That’s not a good look for a program who’s recently come under fire with how they have handled previous player incidents. For Robison the charge is particularly alarming since he is a freshman and not of legal age to drink. We all do dumb things in college, but he is about to get a crash course in how he represents more than just himself, and that part of being at a big time program are the responsibilities that go with it.

Robison came to Norman has a highly touted 4-star recruit, and was ranked the 7th-best pro style QB in the country.

It is too early to know what kind of punishment Robison will face from coach Stoops, but the university released a statement early saying that they are aware of the situation.

“We’re aware of the situation and it will be addressed internally.” Oklahoma said in a statement.

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