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Coach Tom Herman Will Judge Your Pee

Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds.

College football coaches exist on a wide spectrum of personalities. On one end you’ve got your tight-lipped, stoic and statuesque figures like Nick Saban. On the other end, you get much more lively, weird, eccentric characters like Mike Leach. Now MOST of your head coaches are going to fall in the happy medium of this spectrum, but every once in a while a character comes along and adds his own idiosyncratic twists on the head coaching gig, and makes college football that much more weird (fun).

Lets go ahead and add newly appointed University of Texas coach Tom Herman to the end of the spectrum where people like Mike Leach and Mike Gundy hang out at.

This was posted to twitter earlier which appears to be a color coded chart for judging how good of a teammate you are based on the color of your urine .

In short: Tom Herman is going to the judge the hell outta you if your pee doesn’t come out somewhere between crystal clear and baby duck yellow. You have yellow pee? Well guess what? You’re a selfish teammate who has blatantly disregarded his teammates. Shame on you!

In fact, this obsession with hydration isn’t something that Herman is just trying out. It’s a code he lives by. CBS sports published an article last August detailing 24 hours spent with Tom and his Houston team. There is an entire section regarding how rigid coach Herman was when it came to making sure his players were hydrated.

“You think that’s luck because we’re getting silly and chugging water?” Herman asks. “No. It’s called [expletive] science, Steve. It’s called anatomy and physiology. Your muscles don’t pull when you’re hydrated. Your muscles pull when they’re dehydrated. Period. End of story. Again, the most commonly-used words around here are what?

“[Expletive] and hydrate,” the team responds in unison”

Personally I’m all about this method. I’ve got a water bottle next to me as I write this, and I now aspire to have championship level number ones.

None of this should be surprising through. Tom Herman has always been up to weird antics. Who could forget this little number?


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