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WVU’s Pusker Stadium Is Getting A “Significantly Bigger” Video Board

Mountaineer fans will have a brand new video board to catch replays on this fall, and it won’t be small.

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It seems like anyone and everyone is upgrading their stadium in an effort keep up with the college football arms race. Iowa State just renovated Jack Trice Stadium. The Sooners are still working on renovations after bowling in the south end zone last year. The Longhorns are getting a brand new locker room. And the Wildcats are adding a limestone wall around the field in Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Those are just a few off-hand, because honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes around the Big 12.

Well, add another one to the list. West Virginia is upgrading the video board at Milan Puskar Stadium in a big way, and it should be operational by the fall. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, plans are being finalized and it will be officially announced here pretty soon. This is of course, in addition to the renovations to the concessions and concourse that are already underway on the west side of the stadium. The east side will be completed next year.

“These are the things we’ve got to keep on the radar because we are fighting the home experience,”athletic director Shane Lyons said. “We want to be able to have people come out and enjoy themselves. The big thing last year was not fighting crowds in the restroom and not fighting the crowds at the concession stands, and even though you’re going to have some kind of inconveniences and there’s never going to be a perfect game-watching experience, you can’t replicate at home the sound and feel and all that of the stadium.

“We continue to look at what we can do to enhance that and have the great viewing aspect and the replays. Everyone’s going to the bigger boards, and we’ll be close to one of the top 25 biggest boards in the country.”

That’s quite the improvement.

The new video board will be in the North end zone, opposite the video board that is currently in the south end zone. However, WVU might have plans for the south end zone as well.

“I think what’s going to happen is we’ll put this board up and then we’re going to have to go back to the south end zone and look at that and upgrade that board,” he said. “The next part of my big picture for that is the sound system. Right now, we have sound just coming from over the north end zone, so I think the next thing is a true surround sound within the stadium where we have more balance.

“Sometimes we’ve got to adjust it, but if you’re in the north end and we turn it up so the fans in the south end get excited, now it’s too loud there. The next thing is making sure the other video board is upgraded and then ultimately to have a sound system in there.”


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