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Big 12 Preseason Rankings …If All That Mattered Was Recruiting

We look at the last four recruiting classes to find the Big 12 preseason rankings if you know, recruiting was the only factor.



USA TODAY Sports - Kevin Jairaj

10. Kansas (81.33)

No surprise here. Kansas has been down as program for years now and haven’t been relevant since their 2007 Orange Bowl appearance. That was ten years ago, and you would be hard pressed to find a talented teen that cares about games that happened ten years ago. The dwindling success, and lack of excitement around the program in recent years has very obviously had a negative impact on recruiting in Lawrence.

All is not lost, however. Kansas has improved their class composite average every year since 2014, and David Beaty has built a far more exciting, and interesting program than what we’re used to seeing from Kansas. We can see the impacts of this culture change by looking at the upcoming 2018 recruiting class. With two four-stars committed, they currently boast one of the nation’s best classes.

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