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The NCAA Effectively Bans Two-A-Day Practices

More rules changes. This time around contact practices.

Getty Images - Thearon W. Henderson

Recruiting rules aren’t the only thing getting overhauled this week. On Friday, the NCAA announced that the Division I Council has voted to eliminate “multiple contact practices a day”.

“The Council’s action  reinforces our commitment to the health and safety of our student-athletes,” said Council chair Jim Phillips. “We continue to be guided by the recommendations from medical professionals, coaches and administrators and the strong support for discontinuing two contact practices in the same day.”

The decision comes at the advice of the NCAA Sport Science Institute and the Year-Round Football Practice Contact Recommendations released earlier this year. The move comes as concussion injuries are taken more and more seriously by not only the NCAA, but the NFL as well.

Preseason practices are now limited to a single, three-hour, on-field practice session and a walk-through. Furthermore, there must be a three-hour cool down period between the on-field practice and a walk-through, and pads and helmets cannot be worn and conditioning activities cannot be included during the walk-through. Players are permitted to go to meetings, film review, receive medical treatment, and receive meals during the cool-down period.

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