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The Longhorn’s New $10,500 Lockers Are Incredible

If coach Tom Herman was looking for wow factor, I think it’s safe to say he got it.


Since coach Tom Herman first stepped foot on campus at Texas, he has been focused on improving his player’s amenities.

“There does need to be a wow factor,” Herman said in early February. “Our key constituents are 17-year-old kids too … They’re priority 1A. Priority 1B is our current players. We want them to have first class facilities to train in and to learn in and to grow in.” 

Just last week coach Herman and the Longhorn seniors took a sledge hammer to the locker room. And while the old plywood lockers put up a fight, they don’t have anything on what they are being replaced with. I don’t think any locker in the country can touch the Longhorn’s new lockers. From the 43″, high-definition, flat screen TV for a name plate, to the locker under glow and stainless steel construction, these things scream wow factor.

Using TVs for nameplates is simply ingenious, and what they could theoretically do with them is endless. Image players being able to watch their career highlights as they get ready for the game. What could get you more pumped up than that? Or imagine a big recruiting weekend and when the recruits walk into the locker room each one has their name above a locker.

The lockers reportedly cost $10,500 per locker, but when you are the richest program in the country, price tag probably doesn’t matter too much.



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