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Joe Mixon’s Draft Stock Sliding After Reports Of Violence From High School

Reports of a previous incident in high school have more NFL teams shying away from drafting Joe Mixon.

Getty Images - Brett Deering

Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon may be the most interesting prospect of this upcoming NFL Draft. Talent-wise he is an unquestioned first-round pick, but the incident just before his freshman year, the punch that has been widely covered, has some teams not willing to take the risk on Mixon.

The NFL is taking more and more flack for its players and violence against women, which came to a head with the Ray Rice video where the now former NFL player was seen dragging his unconscious fiance off an elevator by her hair. Many teams are no longer willing to take the PR risk of bringing in a guy with that kind of history.

Still, in recent weeks Mixon’s draft stock was thought to be rising: to the point where he may still be a first-round pick. He turned in a fantastic Pro Day at OU, and has reportedly done well in interviews with teams and addressing their concerns. And while some teams have taken him off their draft boards, other have admitted they are interested in Mixon.

However, Mixon’s draft stock may once again be sliding.

New reports…well, I shouldn’t say new, but I will get to that in a second. Reports are coming out of another violent incident against a female that happened before the infamous punch of Amelia Molitor.

According to Molitors lawyer in interviews with detectives, Molitor’s attorney was approached by a man claiming Mixon had attacked his daughter while in high school, but it was covered up because Mixon was a star football player.

“I know for a fact he threw my daughter to the ground and hit her. I went to the school and…they hid him in the office. He got no punishment. The police even came. I was escorted off the campus as if I did something wrong. These are simply the facts, he’s a woman beater.”

There is no way to prove if this incident actually happened or not, but it is interesting that the father never went public with his claims and, until now, it went largely unnoticed. Prompting the question, what did the alleged father have to gain by lying? Still, Mixon was never convicted or even charged with a crime in that alleged incident.

So why now?

The timing of Pro Football Talk’s report, which has been followed by many others and prompted this article, is questionable. Released just about a week before the draft, the report focuses on the quote above. In fact, there is no other information on the incident other than that quote. However, the quote is from Molitor’s police interview tapes that were released two months ago.

What Mixon did to Molitor is reprehensible, and if teams want to pass on him because of that, it is understandable. Especially, if there are other concerns in Mixon’s past. However, at some point, Mixon has to be allowed to move on. Ever since coach Bob Stoops decided to give him a second chance, Mixon has been held hostage by a split second in time that no matter how much he apologizes for, hangs over his head like a cloud from which even he can’t outrun.

Wherever he winds up in the NFL, it will be Mixon’s chance to finally put his past behind him. Hopefully, he makes the most of it.

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