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Texas Is The Richest School In The Country, And It’s Not Close

Texas, with their legion of donors and the Longhorn Network, top the college football financial rankings once again.

Getty Images - Cooper Neill

Despite the doomsday reports of the Big 12’s inability to keep pace with the SEC and Big Ten when it comes to money making, the Longhorns are still the richest program in the land. went through the fiscal year-end financial reports and have come up with the top 25 richest schools in college football, and unsurprisingly for anyone that has paid attention in year’s past, the Longhorns came out on top. What is surprising, is by how much.

In total, three Big 12 teams made the top 25. TCU came in at number 24 by hauling in $52 million. Suffice it to say, their move to the Big 12 is paying off, literally. It isn’t until we get all the way up to sixth before we see another Big 12 team, and that is Oklahoma. The Sooners pulled in a whopping $94.1 million, and according to PennLive, their $58.4 million in profits ranks even higher at fourth in the nation. And then there’s Texas.

The Longhorns pulled in $127.5 million, $97.2 million of which is profit, and that is a whopping $20.4 million more in revenue than anyone else. Second place, which is surprisingly Tennessee, brought in $107.1 million, while Alabama brought in $103.9 million at third. Hitting triple digits is nothing new for Texas. And, before you go giving ESPN’s money pipeline from Bristol to Austin called the Longhorn Network all the credit, LHN only accounts for about $15 million of the Longhorn’ revenue.

It’s true that the Big 12 is lagging behind in revenue, though not nearly as much as pundits would have you believe, but it is clear that for blue bloods like Oklahoma and Texas, they are far from hurting. Even new comers like TCU are doing just fine, and schools like West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Baylor, who do fairly well with their third tier media rights, can’t be far behind.


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