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Finebaum Back At It, “Big 12 Is A Train Wreck”

Phew, almost a whole week went by since the last time Paul Finebaum took shots at the Big 12. I was beginning to think something was wrong.

Sports journalism is in crisis. Just look around and the declining subscribership of print newspapers and sports TV networks alike. They are bleeding money, and it’s clear that a few outlets have gone all in on hot takes and screaming heads in a desperate fight for ratings. You don’t have to look any further than the number of highly respected actual journalists that were let go in the latest round of ESPN layoffs to know that’s true.

So, it is no surprise that SEC pundit and ESPN blowhard Paul Finebaum is once again spouting off in a transparent attempt to garner ratings and prove his worth to his employer. And once again, the Big 12 is the target of his feigned opinion.

Yawn. Wake me up when he says something credible.

We have heard this from blowhards the last six years? Is this something we still need to refute? Yes, the Big 12 is down, but is it on the verge of collapse? Despite Finebaum’s best attempts to stir the pot, no. No it’s not. The Big 12 is reporting record profits and more and more are starting to realize how well positioned the conference is to take advantage of social media streaming — traditional media’s biggest threat.

Here’s the thing though. If ESPN needs to cut costs, how to do it is obvious. The media circus around LaVar Ball is proof that any moron can give a hot take and spew utter cow manure and cameras will follow. So, why are media outlets paying guys like Finebaum big money? While replacing quality and respected journalist is hard, finding someone with an opinion is not. If ESPN wants bet on hot takes that is their business, but it is clear, there is still a lot of fat to trim.

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