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After Being Arrested On Multiple Drug Charges, Reese Leitao Will Be A Longhorn After All

The Longhorns have decided to take chance on 3-star tight end Reese Leitao.

At this time two months ago, it seemed improbable that incoming Texas signee Reese Leitao would actually step foot on the 40 acres. In late February, Leitao was arrested at his Oklahoma high school on multiple felony drug charges after he was found with $1,300 and 20 Xanax pills. He admitted to officers that he intended to sell the prescription drug.

Most believed that it was just a matter of time before Leitao was cut from the roster, and he would have to look for a second chance somewhere else. However, despite Leitao’s legal trouble, the Longhorns have officially decided to take a chance on him. Leitao plead guilty to a misdemeanor earlier this month as part of a plea deal, and the Longhorns believe he is a good kid that made a bad decision.

“Based on several discussions with people who know Reese well as a person both on and off the field, he’s been a good student, highly-regarded teammate and leader among his peers,” Texas athletic director Mike Perrin said in a statement. “All indications are that he’s a young man with a history of good character and behavior who made a poor decision.

“I recently met with Reese and his parents and found him to be contrite, sincere and accountable for his actions. He has taken ownership of his mistake and the consequences that come with it.

“He understands that he will, strongly, be held to a very high standard of behavior at The University of Texas. He committed to me that he will take this negative action and turn it into a positive outcome. Reese is determined to make this situation a turning point in his life and not an event that defines his character.”

Leitao is a 3-star tight end; a position where the Longhorns need a lot of help as coach Tom Herman made clear this spring. Hopefully they are right and Leitao can keep his nose clean from here on out. Given today’s landscape of college coaches being held more accountable for their player’s actions, coach Herman and Texas are taking a risk bringing in Leitao. Should he mess up while at Texas, many will look to the Longhorn’s leadership and want to know why he was allowed to come to Austin.

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