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Receiver Corey Sutton Accuses Bill Snyder Of Blocking Transfer From K-State

Receiver Corey Sutton is claiming that Bill Snyder is blocking his transfer release in an effort to force him to stay at Kansas State.

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Coach Bill Snyder is considered a living legend for two reasons. First, because of the success he’s had on the field. And two, because he is thought to be a guy that has done it the right way. He holds players accountable and preaches doing things the right way. He has even become somewhat famous for the letters of encouragement he has sent to opposing players and coaches. He has been the epitome of class and sportsmanship.

So, the news coming out of Manhattan, KS, is fairly shocking. Kansas State receiver Corey Sutton is shedding a little bit of light on another side of coach Snyder; a vengeful side.

According to Sutton, coach Snyder has blocked his release from the Wildcats. Sutton announced four weeks ago that he intends to transfer. Sutton claims that he submitted a list of 35 potential schools that he was interested in transferring to, but  K-State blocked all 35. He then appealed that decision, but the school upheld Snyder’s decision on Wednesday.

“When I originally told Coach Snyder I was going to transfer he said, ‘Well, Corey, I feel bad that you want to leave, but I can’t make you stay,’ Sutton told the Wichita Eagle. “I dropped all my classes, moved out of Kansas and started looking at my options, then I find out they are denying me my release.

“Coach Snyder told me today that when I signed my letter of intent that was my commitment to him, that I was going to be there for four years. I heard that and told him, ‘Coaches can leave. So why can’t a player leave? You made a commitment to me that you were going to treat me the right way and that’s not what you’re doing.’ 

It’s not abnormal for a coach to limit where a transfer may wind up. Several coaches limit transfer options to only schools that are not in conference and who are not on the upcoming schedule. While it’s questionable for a coach to place any restrictions on where a player can end up, it is somewhat understandable. However, according to Sutton, his list of 35 followed these conventional guidelines. He claims that the list he submitted did not include any Big 12 schools or any future K-State opponents.

Coach Snyder cannot technically block Sutton’s transfer to any school. However, Snyder can refuse to release Sutton from his scholarship, which blocks any financial aid help. So, if Sutton was to follow through with his transfer, he would have to foot the bill wherever he ends up. Which is obviously a major snag, as Sutton has made it clear that he cannot afford to do that.

“I don’t have enough money for that,” Sutton said. “(Snyder) is trying to treat me like I am his kid. Why is he treating a 19-year old like that and trying to change his life like that? I have never heard of anything like this before.”

This is not a good look for coach Snyder or Kansas State, and frankly, it’s somewhat surprising to see. There are some coaches that have a reputation for being spiteful, but coach Snyder is not one of them. If Sutton’s claims are true, it would be very out of character for Snyder.

This much is obvious, Sutton does not want to be there.  Why, from coach Snyder’s perspective, would you want a player around that doesn’t want to be there? That cannot be good for the locker room.

Sutton was a member of the Wildcats 2016 class and enrolled early in order to compete for playing time in the fall. That paid off for him as well, as he played in 11 games as a freshman and caught four passes for 54 yards.

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