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Bill Synder Defends Decision To Block WR Corey Sutton’s Transfer

Coach Bill Snyder responded to Corey Sutton’s allegations that his transfer is being blocked, and the whole thing has us scratching our heads as it seems very uncharacteristic for the ol’ ball coach.

Getty Images - Tom Pennington

Earlier this week, receiver Corey Sutton accused coach Bill Snyder of blocking his transfer. Sutton says that he gave the school a list of 35 schools that he would be interested in transferring to and none of the 35 were a Big 12 school or a future K-State opponent, but coach Bill Snyder blocked each one.

If K-State refuses to release Sutton from his scholarship and Sutton decides to transfer anyway, he would lose his financial aid and be forced to pay for school himself. Something which he says he cannot do.

Frankly, it is not a good look for K-State, and it is somewhat surprising since coach Snyder has let guys transfer without issue in the past. Snyder’s past is littered with examples of being the epitome of class in the sport, so a petty decision to block a transfer seems out of character for him.

However, coach Snyder defended the decision at a banquet last night.

Coach Snyder implies that Sutton is unhappy with where he is on the depth chart, but that is not a good enough reason to want to leave in his eyes.

“If you’re a No. 2, you probably want to be a No. 1,” Snyder said. “If you have the option to leave, and you have 22 No. 2s on your team leaving, you don’t have much of a team left.”

“I’ve been around there for 28 years, and the young man was in our program for less than two years. I think our fans know what I’m about. They know what our program is about. I think they trust that.”

There is something to be said for asking a guy to earn his position. However, if a guy is unhappy in the system, why keep him? There is no going back at this point. Sutton has drawn his line in the sand, and if he is forced to stick around Manhattan, KS, I cannot imagine that would be good for the locker room.

If he wants to find a team with less competition on the roster, then so be it. If another coach wants to bring in a guy looking for the easy road, then let that be his headache.

However, coach Snyder didn’t let the issue go there. He threw in one last jab at Sutton that comes across as vindictive.

“I’ve never kept a player in our program who’s tested positive twice,” Snyder said. “We have some rules in the athletic department that allowed that to happen this time.”

If you want to make it public whenever a player fails a drug test that’s fine by me. I am all for eliminating the “for violating team rules” excuse coaches across the country love to default to. However, revealing that information in this manner is very tit for tat and just comes across as petty and spiteful.

I understand that it can be frustrating for a coach to take a chance on a guy just to have that player throw it back in your face. However at a certain point, coaches have to accept the fact that they can’t help those who don’t want help. And up until now, if I had to name one coach that would stay out of the mud and show grace, it would have been coach Snyder.

Sutton clearly doesn’t want to be there. And, it would appear that maybe he shouldn’t be there had it not been for some red tape in the athletic department. So, I have to ask, what is the hold up, coach?

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