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QuickSlant Podcast – Processing Bob Stoops’ Retirement and What That Means For OU And The Big 12

What a day. Join us as we try to make sense of it all and what it means for the Sooners and the Big 12 moving forward.

Welcome back to the QuickSlant podcast as we have just one thing to talk about today: the retirement of Bob Stoops from Oklahoma. Chris Ross joins the show as we try to make sense of what just happened.

To say that we were shocked is an understatement. I think it is safe to say just about everyone in college football was stunned by the news. So what does Stoops stepping down mean for the Sooners? What does it mean for the Big 12? Chris and I talk about just that as we try to process everything that has happened today.

From what this means for this season, to recruiting, to is Mike Gundy now truly the “Big Daddy” of the Big 12? Give it a listen as we discuss that and more!

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