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LSU blocks OT Willie Allen’s transfer to TCU, Because Ed Orgeron Is Petty

Is Ed Orgeron so vindictive that he would block Willie Allen’s transfer to TCU, because he is upset that Louisiana’s top QB prospect chose the Horned Frogs over the Tigers? It certainly looks that way.

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Is Ed Orgeron the pettiest coach in college football? He is certainly making his case. Orgeron, head coach at LSU, is blocking the transfer of Willie Allen to TCU.

Blocking Allen’s transfer to the Horned Frogs would be understandable if the two schools were scheduled to play each other. Coaches routinely limit a transfer’s options to schools outside of the conference that are not on the future schedule, but that is not the case with TCU. There is no future game scheduled between the two.

Occasionally, coaches get a wild hair and attempt to block a player’s transfer altogether, but that typically has more to do with the relationship between the coach and the player than it does with where he may end up. But again, that is not the case this time. An LSU appeals committee upheld the decision to block the other SEC schools and TCU on Thursday.

TCU is the only school outside of the SEC that has been blocked. To make things even more strange, Allen lists Miami as a potential transfer destination and the Tigers and the Hurricanes are set to play each other to open the 2018 season.

Orgeron is singling TCU out, which means it’s more about the Horned Frogs than it is Allen.

But why?

Those close to the LSU program claim it is because they believe Allen had some impermissible contact with the Horned Frogs before his official release in June. Allen was a 4-star member of the Tigers’ 2016 class, and chose the Tigers over TCU. It would be difficult to prove if there was any impermissible contact, but it is pretty common for a player looking to transfer to be interested in the school he almost chose to begin with. I mean, that just makes sense.

Is it really about being a stickler for the rules, or is there something else?

Orgeron’s decision just happens to come as the Tigers lost the recruiting battle for the top quarterback in the state of Louisiana, Justin Rogers. Want to guess who they lost that commit to? Yep, TCU.

Surely, that wouldn’t be why, though. Surely, Orgeron is not so insecure that he would act out after losing one recruiting battle, right? Well, about that…

After Rogers’ commitment to TCU (not to mention a flood of Louisiana kids committing to Kansas), “Paranoid Ed” is attempting to build a wall around the state of Louisiana when it comes to recruiting. Pressure from LSU forced the NAIA to cancel a satellite camp in Louisiana, all because University of Texas coaches were going to be there. To take things a step further, LSU is using its power within the Boot to block outside coaches from attending camps within the state. Coaches from Arkansas, Texas A&M and Houston were also scheduled to attend camps in Louisiana, but they were recently informed that they are no longer invited.

Hopefully outside pressure to do the right thing will cause Orgeron to reconsider blocking Allen from transferring to TCU, but I won’t be holding my breath.

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