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Suspended Oklahoma Safety Will Sunderland Charged With Felony

More details emerge on what led to Sunderland’s suspension as new charges are filed.



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It didn’t take long before new head coach Lincoln Riley was forced to deal with a disciplinary action. Before the ink was allowed to dry on his 5-year contract, Oklahoma announced on Monday that safety Will Sunderland has been indefinitely suspended from the program. Reports quickly followed that Sunderland is in a bit of legal trouble after a warrant was issued for his arrest on a charge of concealing stolen property, a misdemeanor, on June 15.

On Wednesday evening, Sunderland’s legal trouble got worse. A warrant for his arrest on a complaint of felony burglary has been issued out of Cleveland County. This is in addition to the concealing stolen property charge which is out of Oklahoma City.

With the new charge, more details around what led to his arrest and suspension are also coming to light. Sunderland is accused of breaking into a campus dorm room and stealing an Xbox, PlayStation and controllers belong to Oklahoma baseball players Braden Minor and Brady Lindsly. He then sold those items the same day at a local pawn shop for $499.50.

Detectives were able to match the series number of one of the gaming consoles given by the victim to the serial number of the console sold to the pawn shop. Sunderland’s name was on the ticket.

Sunderland reportedly admitted to know the items were stolen and turned himself into authorities on Wednesday. He later bonded out of jail on $2,000 bond for the concealing stolen property charge out of Oklahoma City.

As for the new charge out of Cleveland County, detectives were able to track key card swipes and cameras throughout the dorm and parking lot to tie Sunderland to the theft.

From the felony burglary affidavit:

Sunderland was observed on recorded video using a OneCard Swipe to enter the south elevator lobby of Headington Hall, this was later confirmed to be Sunderland by OneCard swipe logs. Sunderland is then seen entering the 3rd floor. Sunderland was then observed on recorded video in the hall leading to his room. Sunderland appears to walk toward the elevator lobby again but is not seen on recorded video again for approximately 8 minutes and returns to camera view carrying a large unidentified object. Similar actions are repeated by Sunderland for approximately 36 minutes.

Sunderland is then seen carrying a large red bag and enters the elevator along. Sunderland then exits the building and is observed placing the red bag in the trunk of a vehicle parked on the east side of Headington Hall. Sunderland returns to the 3rd floor with an unidentified male. Either male does not appear on the camera leading to Sunderland’s room. Approximately 31 minutes later Sunderland and the unidentified male return to the 3rd floor elevator lobby carrying 2 white trash bags and exit the building.

Upon a search of a pawn ticket was found with an Xbox sold which matches the serial number of an Xbox provided by the victim in this case. The name of the seller on the pawn ticket was Sunderland. Det. Kammerer advised that he was able to view recorded video from CDR Electronics, where the game systems were sold, and observed Sunderland enter the business carrying the same red bag that he was observed carrying onto the elevator at Headington Hall.

Det. Kammerer also interviewed Sunderland. I observed the recorded video of the interview and observed Sunderland admit knowledge that the objects he pawned were stolen. I request that a warrant be filed by information.

It doesn’t look good for Sunderland, and his return to the Oklahoma sidelines has to be in doubt at this point. He played in eight games last season where he earned 15 tackles and an interception.


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