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Baylor Reveals NCAA Investigation Is “Ongoing”

Baylor confirms that they are under NCAA investigation in a legal filing submitted to the courts last week.



Getty Images - Ron Jenkins

The Associated Press is reporting that in a legal filing last week, Baylor lawyers revealed that a NCAA investigation is “ongoing” in the wake of the sexual assault scandal that has rocked the school.

This is the first official acknowledgement that the school is under NCAA investigation. In May, ESPN reported that current and former staff had confirmed that the NCAA was conducting interviews, but the schools had not been given notice that they were under investigation.

As to what kinds of infractions the NCAA could be looking for, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby shed some light on that back in February when talking with ESPN.

“I doubt very much that most students have anybody available to steer them to legal counsel,” Bowlsby told ESPN.

Bowlsby was of course talking about impermissible benefits athletes in trouble may have received, and whether or not coaches or boosters helped players get access to attorneys.

“It’s the kind of thing that will raise the antenna of NCAA investigators, that those are exactly the kind of things that are athletic-related that the NCAA’s investigation will certainly look into.”

If that is indeed that is what the NCAA is looking into, it may the NCAA’s equivalent to the feds getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Which, may be the NCAA’s only real option as it has been unclear, that while heinous, how much of the scandal falls under the NCAA’s purview.

For those of you anticipating the NCAA handing down the “death penalty”, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The NCAA reportedly told Baylor in November of last year that they will not pursue sweeping sanctions, such as those given to Penn State.

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