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Coach Gundy’s Mullet Is Nearing Its Final Form

“Can it be? Has the legendary super mullet from decades past been achieved once again?”

Getty Images - Peter G Aiken

We are just about a week away from Big 12 Media Days, which marks an incredible milestone. Mike Gundy’s mullet is turning a year old.

Here is coach Gundy at Big 12 Media Days last year. The mullet was born, but its power level was so low it would have struggled to defeat the bro cut in Lubbock or the skullet in Morgantown. If it was going to survive the battle of the season, it needed to train.

By the time the battle of the season began, it was clear the mullet had grown in size and strength. The unicorn snot hair gel that has kept the porcupine buzz cut going all these years was a super food for the mullet. In just a few short months, its power level had increased dramatically.

The mullet was stronger than ever, but it lacked focus. Angry to make up the defeat to the Sooners, the mullet furiously trained for one last battle of the season. By the time the Pokes played in the Alamo Bowl, the mullet was flowing with unbridled power. Colorado never stood a chance.

With each passing month, the mullet’s power continues to increase at a seemingly endless rate, and we are left with one question. Can it be? Has the legendary super mullet from decades past been achieved once again?

Just think of how powerful it could be by the time this season kicks off!



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