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QuickSlant Podcast: Is Baker Mayfield A Slightly Better Skyler Howard?

The Raspy Voice Kids stop by, and shots are fired!

Welcome back to the QuickSlant Podcast! The Raspy Voice Kids join us as we talk everything West Virginia Mountaineer football! Don’t miss this show, and if you aren’t giving the Raspy Voice Kids a follow, you should fix that immediately. The Show is straight fire as we talk about everything from rivalries to recruiting to transfers to the 2017 outlook.

Rivalries, recruiting, Transfer U, and the 2017 outlook, we talk about it all, and someone may or may not compare Baker Mayfield to a slightly better Skyler Howard. It’s a really fun episode, and we can’t thank Brandon and Jeremy enough for coming on. Don’t be surprised if you see them join the show again later on during the season. Below is all their information. If you are a Mountaineer fan, you have to check them out and give them a follow.

Raspy Voice Kids Website
Twitter: @RaspyVoiceKids, @ialsohatepitt, @jnpheen

Remember, you can download the show by clicking the download link in the upper right hand corner of the SoundCloud player, or you can download on iTunes! And be sure to check out our new merch store. A new Mountaineer shirt may just drop here pretty soon!

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