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David Beaty On Win Over Texas, “That Obviously Helped Us In A Lot Of Ways”

Kansas beat Texas in football last season, and it was the first thing that coach David Beaty was asked about at Big 12 Media Days.

For Longhorn fans, it is a slight they have had to endure since mid November. For Kansas fans, it is promise of what’s to come under coach David Beaty. The Jayhawks picked up their first Big 12 win since coach Beaty took over the program two seasons ago, and they did it against a blue blood.

Coach Beaty was asked about the win during Big 12 Media Days on Monday, and what it means for a program trying to climb out of the conference basement.

“You know, the thing that I think was important about that game for us was that it was our first Big 12 win,” David Beaty said during Big 12 Media Days. “Whether it was against Texas, TCU, all of these teams are phenomenal teams. It’s always a challenge to be able to win a game in this conference. But that one was big because it was the first one.

“I do believe that it’s yet to be seen whether that can be a cornerstone in our program as we work to turn this thing around. It would be a shame for us to waste that opportunity. I hope that we can make it one of those cornerstones as we move forward.”

I don’t think you will find many that will argue that the Jayhawks look to be better in 2017, but we don’t need to wait for the win column to reflect the progress, because all you have to do is head over to any college football message board and there are plenty of reminders that the Jayhawks beat the Longhorns last season. And while those jabs are to poke fun at Texas, make no mistake, it’s also a constant reminder that it is the dawn of a new day in Lawrence.

Still, coach Beaty made it clear that for him and his staff, it’s just one win. A big win for sure, but just one. If they want to attract top talent, if they want to upgrade their facilities, They have to keep winning.

“I do think that you have to win to be able to attract top talent. I think you can build good facilities and you can do those things, but at the end of the day, I do believe that you’ve got to produce on the football field and you’ve got to win games. So that obviously helped us in a lot of ways, but we’ve got to put a lot more wins together for it to really affect us. And the thing about recruiting, as you guys all know, we’re not going to know for a number of years whether that recruiting was good or not.

“That’s one of the cool things about this conference is that every game is big. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing. That was a great win, a lot of fun, but it was really only because it was the first one we had in the conference.”

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