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Former Texas Running Back D’Onta Foreman Arrested

Welp, Foreman is in a little bit of legal trouble.



Getty Images - Justin K Aller

Last season Texas running back D’Onta Foreman was running over Big 12 defenses, but now he finds himself in need of some defense. Legal defense.

Foreman was arrested in Austin by Longhorn campus police Sunday morning for possession of marijuana. While he “arrested”, Foreman was issued a citation and released.

“As he was leaving their residence, he was approached by police. Prior to a search of his vehicle, D’Onta alerted the officer that he had a handgun inside of his vehicle,” Foreman’s attorney said in a statement. “This legal handgun was recently purchased by D’Onta and registered in his name. The handgun was properly secured inside of his vehicle as required by Texas law. A passenger in D’Onta’s vehicle was in possession of marijuana. D’Onta did not use or possess the marijuana. Upon making his bond, he will submit to a urinalysis to confirm he has not used marijuana.

“D’Onta appreciates the professionalism of the officers involved in his arrest and in his booking at the Travis County Jail. We are confident this matter will be resolved justly once the State of Texas applies the applicable law to the facts.”

A simple drug arrest shouldn’t slow Foreman down too much as he prepares for his first season in the NFL, but it is something the Houston Texans can’t be overly happy about.


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