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Report: Dana Holgorsen Is Done With Red Bull

It looks like Dana Holgorsen’s Red Bull drinking days are behind him, but make no mistake, he isn’t done with energy drinks.

Twitter - @TheGreat_Nate

Dana Holgorsen has been known to guzzle some Red Bull. Like, an alarming amount of Red Bull. Two years ago Holgorsen himself estimated that he was drinking near 1,000 Red Bulls between Media Days and the end of the season. That’s five or six a day!

Holgorsen was going through so much of the energy drink, he had his own Red Bull refrigerator installed on the West Virginia sidelines.

However, that’s all over now. It appears that Holgorsen has kicked his Red Bull habit.

Before anyone that cares about his health starts breathing a sigh of relief, the reason Red Bull has lost their biggest Big 12 spokesperson is because according to the Dominion Post in West Virginia, coach Holgo is now a Monster guy.

It is truly the end of an era. Hopefully in this new Monster era, we get more of this.

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