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Tom Herman Really Does Not Like Losing

Texas head coach Tom Herman explains how he is changing the mindset in Austin.




Earlier today, Tom Herman made his first Big 12 Media Days appearance as the leader of the Texas Longhorns. He takes over a program that was crestfallen in its last three seasons. When speaking about the changes he and his staff have made since hired, Herman displayed a no-nonsense attitude and exuded a quiet confidence about who the Longhorns are working to become.

Herman made it a point to praise acting Athletics Director Mike Perrin and President Greg Fenves; crediting both in their commitment to return the program to the lofty heights it was once accustomed to. For Herman winning is everything, and in order to do that, the Longhorns cannot be left behind in the ever-escalating battle of facilities.

“I can’t thank Mike Perrin and President Greg Fenves enough. I always say that coaches and players win games, but administrations win championships. And we have a very definite championship administration.

“Our facility improvements have been very much noted and that’s due in large part to the recognition of President Fenves and Mike Perrin that we needed to change, and we need to upgrade our facilities, and we done it faster than I’ve seen a facility get upgraded to this magnitude. So it’s exciting, here in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be moving back in, and you won’t even be able to recognize the place.”

The locker room renovation is important for Herman. He needs to be able to attract top talent, and keep top recruits in the state of Texas. He needs to do that in order to build sustained success, because he really, really does not like to lose. He voiced a palpable disdain for losing while on stage Tuesday.

“[We] make sure there are tangible rewards for winning whatever that competition is. We talk about how we have the student of the week, and that guy gets recognized. We’ve got T-shirts and all that. We’ve got– again, everything from off-season conditioning drills,where we have winners and losers, and the winners get to eat a better meal not that the losers, the list of competitions and tangible rewards for winning, but also tangible consequences for losing

“I think losing has to be awful, and you can never get used to losing. That is one of the biggest maybe downfalls of a lot of teams is you get used to losing. No, losing is awful. It’s awful. It’s not just, oh, well,we’ll get them next week. No, this is like the sky-is-falling-type stuff. And so every time we have a competitive situation, we’re going to make sure that the people that don’t win in that competitive situation, that they feel awful about it and that it’s not funny and it’s not hokey or corny, that it’s really, really bad for them to lose, as well as it being very, very cool for the guys that win and very rewarding for the guys that win. Because that’s what happens on Saturdays and that’s what happens throughout the season.”

Herman extrapolated that the aforementioned conditioning methods to combat the losing culture will pay dividends on the field this season.

“So we train for chaos, and we put our guys through some extremely chaotic situations throughout off-season drills in the spring and in the summer so that on Saturdays, hopefully, the games will be easy and that losing will be something that is so distasteful that they can’t even fathom going down that road.”

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