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Coach Gundy Confirms He Plans On Retiring At Oklahoma State

Bob Stoops sudden retirement was a big topic of discussion this week, but the Sooner’s in-state rival’s head coach opened up about his own retirement plans during Big 12 Media Days.

Getty Images - Brett Deering

A little over a month ago, coach Gundy and Oklahoma State agreed to a perpetual 5-year contract extension. It is perpetual, because the deal renews each year. Meaning, if Gundy or Oklahoma State don’t opt out, the contract automatically renews each year. The extension bumps his pay to $4.2 million this season and will increase by 125,000 each year.

“I’m glad to get the contract out of the way,” Gundy told Dean Blevins with Oklahoma City’s KWTV News 9. “That was important to Oklahoma State, and it was important to me. It gives me a chance to retire at Oklahoma State.

It’s no secret that Gundy has strong ties to Oklahoma State. He grew up not far from Stillwater and played quarterback for the Cowboys in the ’80s. However, that has not kept Gundy from flirting with other schools in the past. It was reported that he was pursuing the Florida job in 2014, and was the betting favorite to land the gig for a period of time. Before that, he interviewed for the Arkansas and Tennessee jobs in 2012.

Those flirtations came when Gundy was in the middle on contract negotiations with the Pokes, and the tensions between him, athletic director and super booster T. Boone Pickens during those times are well documented.

In the end, Gundy’s love for Stillwater won out, and his relationship with Holder and Pickens is better than ever. And, with a new long-term deal in place, he’s committed to finishing his career a Cowboy.

“I’m going to retire at Oklahoma State,” Gundy said. “I think we all dream of someday being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but I’m not going to coach college anywhere else. I’m going to finish at Oklahoma State, and I suspect that will be the last place that I coach.”

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