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Top 5 Coaches’ Quotes From Big 12 Media Days

From Gundy estimating the value of his mullet to Herman’s strong distaste for losing, here are our top 5 quotes from Big 12 Media Days!


As we continue to disseminate everything that happened during our first Big 12 media days, here are our top five favorite quotes from the coaches.

5. Coach Patterson calling it like it is with the College Football Playoff.

“Well, I think the question you ask is did we have teams that were worthy of being in the playoff? Now, you’re talking to the wrong person when who should have been — to me, the Big 12 should have had teams two out of the three times in the playoffs the last couple years. And I wasn’t very happy that a team got into the playoffs that didn’t have — because I was told, and Baylor was told, that you had to play a championship game to play an extra game to get into that game, and then Ohio State got into the game without playing in their Big Ten Championship game.”

4. Coach Herman really, really does not like to lose.

“Losing is awful. It’s awful. It’s not just, oh, well, we’ll get them next week. No, this is like the sky-is-falling-type stuff. And so every time we have a competitive situation, we’re going to make sure that the people that don’t win in that competitive situation, that they feel awful about it and that it’s not funny and it’s not hokey or corny, that it’s really, really bad for them to lose, as well as it being very, very cool for the guys that win and very rewarding for the guys that win.”

3. Coach Rhule on the lack of depth along the Baylor’s offensive line.

“Really no one can get hurt on the offensive line. They’re just not allowed to.”

2. Coach Beaty on hiring offensive coordinator Doug Meacham away from TCU. Something tells me he was the type of kid that spent his week’s worth of lunch money by 10:00 am on Monday.

“I told him, look, look, you can have all the money. I’ll hire everybody else for a dollar. You can have it all. What’s it going to take to get you here?”

1. Coach Gundy on estimating the value of his mullet.

“I’m going to say that the dollar figure is somewhere in the millions for the amount of time that we’ve had on the air for that. I was very fortunate to get a new contract and should probably get an extension and a raise for that free marketing for the university.”


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