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Red Bull Quietly Lives On In Coach Holgorsen’s Fridge

According to earlier reports, Dana Holgorsen was giving up Red Bull for Monster, but it looks like coach isn’t done with Red Bull after all.

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One of the more lighthearted storylines of the summer was the stunning revelation that West Virginia’s head coach and hair icon will no longer be chugging Red Bull on the sidelines. Holgorsen is now a Monster man after reports surfaced last earlier this month that he signed a contract with the Coke-Cola energy drink.

That’s quite the change for a guy who admits to drinking near 1,000 Red Bulls a season. In his own words, he is one of their “better supporters”. He even had a Red Bull mini refrigerator installed on the sidelines.

Coach Holgorsen addressed his change in energy drink in a recent interview with Freddie Coleman on ESPN Radio’s Freddie & Fitz. So is he really done with Red Bull?

Quite simply, Holgorsen says doesn’t know how the rumor got started. However, West Virginia University is a Coca-Cola school and contractually obligated to promote and sell Coke products. That includes Monster, Coke-Cola’s contribution to the world of energy drinks.

This certainly doesn’t mean Dana Holgorsen can only drink Monster. Although, it may mean that the days of seeing awesome memes, gifs, and videos of Holgorsen chugging Red Bulls are over.

“I just try to stay away from being too public with any of this stuff. Anything that’s an energy drink is going to go down the hatch,” Holgorsen told Freddie Coleman.

The Mountaineers have been a Coke-Cola school for years, so it’s surprising that this has only recently become a topic of public conversation. If I had to guess, Coach Holgorsen’s five or six Red Bull a day habit will continue unimpeded, much to the chagrin of WVU’s corporate sponsors and all his vital organs.

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