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Chad Johnson Really Likes Urban Outfitters And Lawrence

How the Jayhawks nearly landed NFL receiver Chad Johnson last week. You know, if NCAA eligibility wasn’t a thing.

Getty Images - Jim McIsaac

Urban Outfitters, a fashion and clothing store that caters to Millennials, almost landed A big-time recruit for the Jayhawks. Chad Johnson, a.k.a. Ochocinco, was hanging out in Lawrence, Kansas this past week, as his daughter is competing in the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships taking place at Rock Chalk Park.

It looks like Mr. Johnson decided to take in some of the sights around town between heats when he dropped the following bomb on the world.

Of course, Kansas fans went wild. Assuring him without a doubt that there is indeed a Starbucks within the confines of the City of Lawrence. (I can also personally vouch for that)

Unfortunately, Chad Johnson has no more eligibility left. Since, you know, he played in the NFL and all. However, I’m sure the KU football staff would love to find a way to get him involved. And even though fall camp hasn’t yet started, Johnson did spend some time going one-on-one with the football team; just not in a way most would imagine.

It looks like he spent his time with the team playing video games. One game in particular: EA’s FIFA.

Following his Twitter from the past couple of days it sounds like Johnson went 30-3 against the Jawhawks. First, it is pretty amazing that Chad Johnson is that good at the game. Second, sorry Jayhawks, at 3-30 it is one more win than Kansas had last season.

As it stands, it looks like the University of Kansas will be expecting Johnson to be on campus when school starts.

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