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Oklahoma Announces Pay-Per-View Game

If you want to see the Sooners crush the Green Wave, be prepared to break open your wallet.

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For the last few years, the Sooners have had one game that fans can only catch on pay-per-view TV. It is generally a non-conference game that does not garner the most interest, and it was announced yesterday that Oklahoma’s week three matchup against Tulane will be pay-per-view only.

Sooner fans not going to the game will have to plunk down somewhere around 50 dollars to watch it from their couch, or head to a local bar that will be showing the game.

Pricing for ordering through a cable TV provider was not made immediately available, but fans will be able to stream the game from and the SoonerSports2Go app for $54.99, or $99.99 if you want to get the game along with an annual subscription to the service. If you already have a subscription to SoonerSports, bad news. You will still have to pay for the game separately.

It may seem ridiculous to have to sell a kidney to watch a single game, and to some degree it is. Cable TV customers pay around $9.00 a month for ESPN networks, which includes the highest profile games of the week. Two people can go to a movie for well under $50, assuming you don’t get any food. Plus, you only have so many kidneys to sell, so it’s a steep price for a game that should simply be a formality for the Sooners.

However, pay-per-view has never been the most consumer friendly model. The reality is, if this game wasn’t made available on pay-per-view, it wouldn’t be on TV at all. It was not selected for over-the-air broadcast or cable television coverage. And for those looking to hold on to their kidneys, at least you can go to a local bar and catch the game for a small cover or the cost of some food and drink.

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