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Iowa State Defensive Line Coach Working Through Tragedy With His Players

Coach Eli Rasheed talked about what coaching the d-line means to him as he deals with an unimaginable personal loss.

Getty Images - Peter G Aiken

On July 28, just three days before fall camp was to begin in Ames, Iowa, defensive line Coach Eli Rasheed was faced with unspeakable tragedy. His 21-year-old son was killed in a motorcycle accident.  He immediately left for Ohio with a mandate from Matt Campbell to take all the time he needs.

On July 31, dressed in his cardinal and gold, he lined up his players and started coaching. Cathartic, I am sure. A distraction in the grieving process, I am sure. A strong man, full of faith and desire, I am sure.

In an interview, he discusses the progress of the Iowa State defensive line, but more importantly a bit about the journey he is sharing with his players this season.

While we are bombarded daily with stories of excess, cutting corners, indiscretion, and scandal, it is good to be reminded that healing and support can be found in the camaraderie of a football team.

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