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Sooners Blow Off Practice, Head To TopGolf Instead

The Sooners take a field trip as the season is just a couple of weeks away.



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In the clearest sign yet that there is definitely a new head man in Norman, the Sooners blew off a scheduled practice on Wednesday. Instead, the team went to TopGolf in Oklahoma City.

This is a first that I know of — for a team to blow off practice with just two weeks until the season starts — and it takes a lot of guts for coach Riley to give the team a day off in such a public way. Expectations are high around Norman, and should Oklahoma drop a game or two early, some may start to question Riley’s leadership.

Still, I love it. Clearly, Riley likes where the team is at. They held their first full scrimmage on Tuesday evening, and the coaches must have been happy with what they saw. There is something to be said for keeping the team loose. Not to mention what an outing like Wednesday’s can do for the locker room. Plus, you can bet the team will be back at it on Thursday to prepare for UTEP on Saturday, September 2.

There is no word yet on who shot the highest score.

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