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Big 12 Position Group Preview, By the Numbers: DB

Previewing the 2017 cornerback and safety units across the Big 12.



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Leading up to the start of the college football season we have been looking at the skill position groups for each team by highlighting a key stat or data point. Previous installments in the series were on the conference’s running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends.¬†Next, we will pivot to the defensive side of the ball and look at the secondary.

Good defense in the Big 12 is considered by many to be hard to find. It is true that the Big 12 defenses surrender a considerable amount of yards and points (30 points per game which ranks last of the Power 5 conferences). Of course, this is partially driven by Big 12 offenses running at a faster tempo and therefore Big 12 defenses see more plays than any other Power 5 conference.

One focus for Big 12 defenses are turnovers as giving the ball back to the offense means more points. In 2016, both Kansas State and Oklahoma State ranked in the top 5 of Power 5 conference teams in turnover margin per game.

The secondary is the key to ball-hawking strategy through interceptions and stripping ball carriers to cause fumbles. Click next and see who is going to cause those turnovers in 2017.

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