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Ranking The Top 5 Big 12 Wide Receivers of All Time

Whew, this was not easy!



Getty Images - Darren Carroll

It is a well-known fact that Big 12 offenses love to spread the ball all over the field. In compiling the following list, it became quickly obvious that it would be difficult to pare down all of the candidates to create the top five. As the list began to take shape we couldn’t help but be reminded of the many great memories and highlights that so many of these players provided us with. For being a young conference, the plethora of receiving talent that the Big 12 has contributed to the college football landscape is in a word, astonishing.

Just how good has the roster of Big 12 receivers been? Take into consideration that a Big 12 receiver has received the Biletnifkoff Award six times, only two receivers in the history of college football have ever won the Biletnikoff Award twice, and both of them played in the Big 12.

Our criteria demands only that seasons played as a member of the Big 12 be considered. So without any further ballyhoo, click next to unleash the Top 5 Big 12 Wide Receivers of All Time.

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