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Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Make Top 10 In Latest Coaches Poll

The Big 12 now has two teams in the top 10 of the coaches poll, but a couple of losses have left the conference with just three schools named overall.

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We knew going into the weekend that the Big 12 needed to win some key games in order to stay strong in the polls. Unfortunately, key losses by West Virginia and Texas has left the Big 12 with only three teams ranked in this week’s USA Today Amway Coaches Poll.

West Virginia’s loss to Virginia Tech and Texas’ embarrassing loss Maryland left them out of the polls this week, but the losses didn’t keep them from receiving votes.

As far as the teams that won this week, Oklahoma jumped Washington to reach number six after Washington struggled at Rutgers. The new top five now consists of Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Penn State and Southern California. Oklahoma State moved up a spot to replace Wisconsin at number 10 to give the Big 12 two teams in the top 10. Interestingly enough, the SEC is the only Power Five conference without multiple teams in the top 10. Meanwhile, Kansas State stood pat after a solid performance in a game that apparently nobody saw.

Big 12 In The Week 2 Coaches Poll

6. Oklahoma
10. Oklahoma State
19. Kansas State
Receiving Votes: TCU, West Virginia, and Texas

The Big 12 definitely took a hit this week losing two ranked teams and suffering embarrassing defeats to Maryland and Liberty (!). However, I am very surprised with the coaches drastically dropping West Virginia to effectively number 29 after a close loss to Virginia Tech at a neutral site. Even in the loss, the Mountaineers showed plenty of potential and were more impressive than other teams who played cupcakes in week one. I understand excluding them from the top 25, but falling nine spots is ludicrous. The only thing that raised more eyebrows? Texas actually received votes this week. Wow.

The good news for the Big 12 is that TCU sits just outside the top 25 as they received the most points of the unranked teams. If they can get a nice win at Arkansas, then they will certainly enter the poll next week. Also, West Virginia is not too far removed, and their next three games should be guaranteed wins. The Big 12 only has two more weeks to get teams ranked and make a statement during non-conference play before they begin beating each other up in Big 12 games.

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