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A Shaky Start To The Season Has Baylor On Upset Alert

After a major upset in week one, the Bears are back on upset alert in week two.

Getty Images - Cooper Neill

The upset, it’s the reason why we haven’t already crowned Alabama the 2017 National Champions. Because anything can happen until the clock hits triple zeros, and even then the refs may come back on the field and give the opposing team one last try.

This week, there are two potential upsets lurking in the Big 12. We aren’t saying the upset will happen, just that if the teams aren’t careful, they could have their day ruined.

👀 Upset Watch: Kansas

Kansas is a 5-point favorite against Big 12 giant killer Central Michigan. Quarterback Cooper Rush is off to the Cowboys, the NFL version (ironic, huh?), but the Chippewas still have some fight in them with decent talent at the skill positions.

We like Kansas to pull this out, but The Jayhawks will need to rely on their defense and improved quarterback play by Peyton Bender to get the win. Their history is such that they are in “Show Me” mode.  Without a solid running game, Kansas is still vulnerable and the opponent is just good enough that we need to keep an eye out for an upset this week.

🚨 Upset Alert: Baylor

After a stunning defeat at the hands of the ghost of Jerry Falwell, if Kansas is on upset watch, then Baylor is on upset alert in week two. The Bears are a sizeable, 17-point favorite against in-state opponent UTSA. The Roadrunners have yet to play this season due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and will be itching to start their season against the reeling Bears. That could spell disaster for the Bears.

Baylor seeks to regroup and build on some solid offensive output. However, it is their defense that needs to retrench and play up to expectation.

The problem for Baylor here is that UTSA’s strength is their defense. The Roadrunners should be overmatched physically in the trenches by Baylor, but Liberty wasn’t. UTSA’s defense is a stiff test for any opponent as they rely on a disruptive style with an experienced unit. Almost all of their defensive production returns, and they will be ready for Baylor’s now revealed approach.

On the other side of the ball, UTSA’s offense is underwhelming, but there is potential for improvement through returning production and further maturity from quarterback Dalton Sturm. If Baylor is not able to make progress in their defensive readiness, UTSA can be expected to score in enough volume to compliment their defensive advantage.

UTSA is a hungry, surging program with a young, dynamic coach.. There is blood in the water and they will want to be the shark. Baylor can certainly recover from last weeks events, but if the cloud that exists over the program remains, its effects will be palpable. Can Baylor shrug off their doubters and play “Baylor” football? Or, will UTSA pounce on their prey and pull another shocking upset in Waco?

There is enough doubt here to put the Bears on UPSET ALERT!!!!

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