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Baker Mayfield Plants OU Flag At Midfield Of Ohio Stadium

And Ohio State fans are not happy!



The Sooners have done what everyone said they couldn’t: walk into Ohio Stadium and get the win. And after being embarrassed at home just a year ago, Baker Mayfield returned the favor by running a lap around Ohio State stadium and planting the Oklahoma Sooners flag at midfield.


Even head coach Lincoln Riley got in on the trolling. When asked what allowed them to score 21 unanswered points coming out of the locker room, Riley’s reply was epic.

“Our defense, the way they played, keeping us in it,” Riley replied. “You know, we’re just a bunch of pretenders trying to win some games.”

Incredible. Here’s the full exchange.

As you can probably imagine, Ohio State fans are not at all happy. We took a trip over to and thought we would share their misery here. Here a few of the best comments:

I want to die

Not even mad. Don’t want it to happen? Don’t allow your [bleep] to be kicked

Classless piece of [poop]. Act like you been there and remember 365 days ago you were on the other end

He has always been and remains a thug

You won- cool, talk [poop]. But [bleep] this! Why didn’t someone from our squad stop this [poop]…

They couldn’t stop him in the game when it counted why would they be able to now?

[bleep] that piece of [poop]

Flag stuck to our artificial field about as well as the football sticks to our receivers gloves.

This team should be embarrassed. Mayfield should have pulled his pants down and [pooped] on it.

Surprised he didn’t cramp up.

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