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A Bowl Appearance Swap Gives Us A Big 12 vs Big Ten Matchup

A reported bowl swap will give the Big 12 another Power 5 contest.

Getty Images - Ronald Martinez

When we made our Way Too Early Big 12 Bowl Projections back in May, we knew that maybe not all the picks would come turn out to be correct. However, we were pretty confident we at least the tie-ins would be correct. We shouldn’t have been so cocky.

Reports are surfacing that Conference USA and the Big Ten will be swapping a bowl allegiances. Currently, The Big 12 faces Conference USA in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, and the Big Ten plays Army, if the Golden Knights are bowl eligible, in the Armed Forces Bowl.

According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, The Big 12 will now face the Big Ten in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

For now, the deal is only for one year.

Both websites for the respective bowls have updated the potential bowl match-ups to reflect the news while no official statement has been released as of yet by either operating organizations. Nor has FBA (the Football Bowl Association), which helps organize both bowls, commented.

For those pointing out that the Big Ten already plays in the Heart of Dallas Bowl on a regular basis, yes, that is true. The Big Ten and Big 12 rotate through the bowl playing a Conference USA team. What makes this different, is that for 2017, the Heart of Dallas Bowl will feature a Big 12 versus Big Ten match-up. The Conference USA team that would normally be slotted for here will instead play in the Armed Forces Bowl.

Other than opponent, there is not much difference between these bowls. Heart of Dallas obviously takes place in Dallas. While the Armed Forces Bowl plays at TCU’s field, Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth. And, they both take place in late December right around Christmas. Though, it does seem like the Heart of Dallas Bowl is getting the better end of the stick in this deal as it will now feature two Power 5 teams to the Armed Forces Bowl’s none.

While these might be a couple of lower-tier bowls, we should not look a gift horse in the mouth. Currently the Big 12 sits at 1-2 against the Big Ten with both Texas and Iowa State dropping games to Maryland and Iowa, respectively, and Oklahoma house breaking Ohio State. The Heart of Dallas Bowl will be the only chance for the Big 12, outside of a potential play-off match-up, to even the record by season’s end as the Big 12 did not previously have a bowl tie in with the Big Ten.


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