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Mailbag: Will we see the “Cramp Package” this weekend?

Was Baker Mayfield faking a cramp to setup the quarterback run against Ohio State?

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We brought the mailbag last week, and it was pretty successful. So, I think we will keep it going. Last week the questions were all about the Big 12 in general, but this week the questions are more about individual players. That’s the beauty of the mailbag, we don’t know what we are going to get.

If you have a question for next week’s mailbag, hit us up on our social media accounts and you may see it pop up here. Of course there is Twitter and Facebook, but we have also added Snapchat and Instagram. (okay, we kind of revived that one.) For Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram you kind find us at @the_LGG. On Facebook it’s /LandGrantGauntlet following the dot-com. Now, let’s get down to business.

Will West Virginia QB Will Grier return to WVU or turn pro?

This is a tough one. He’s obviously very talented, but he was also rusty against Virginia Tech. He shook that rust off last week with an incredible stat line, but we need to see him do it against stiffer competition. Ultimately, it will come down to his draft grade. If he’s an expected first-round draft choice, then he’s probably gone.

However, it’s going to be a deep draft for quarterbacks. Just in the Big 12 you will have Baker Mayfield and Mason Rudolph who will be coming out who are potential first-round picks. There’s also Lamar Jackson at Louisville and Josh Allen at Wyoming who are coming out, also first-round prospects. Not to mention Sam Darnold at USC and Josh Rosen at UCLA could come out. Chances are, there aren’t going to be seven quarterbacks taken in the first round, so it might be beneficial for Grier to wait if he can’t guarantee that he will be in front of the pack.

Who will lead Oklahoma in rushing this year?

Another tough question. Right now freshman Trey Sermon leads all rushers with 24 carries for 113 yards, despite Abdul Adams getting the start in both games so far. Ultimately, I expect Adams to be the leading rusher as long as he continues to get the starts. He’s also averaging more yards per carry than Sermon at 13 carries for 73 yards.

It’s going to be a tight race, though. The Sooners haven’t put an overly impressive running performance so far. Part of that is because they played the number two team in the country in week two, which is going to skew the stats some. The yards they have gotten though, has been by committee. Along with Sermon and Adams, Rodney Anderson, who was the preseason favorite to earn the starting job, has also received carries in both games. And then there is Marcelias Sutton, who received some mop up duty in week one.

I like Adams to end up as the leading rusher, but it’s clear the Sooners have some young talent at the position, and that has to have Sooner fans pretty excited.

Will we see the “Cramp Package” this weekend?

This is amazing, and I’m glad it came up. All the talk this week has been about Baker Mayfield planting the flag in the Horseshoe after the game, but there for a while, it looked like Sooner Nation’s worst nightmare was coming true. Tight end Mark Andrews and safety Will Johnson were knocked out of the game and Mayfield was limping around on the field. Now, Andrews’ and Johnson’s injuries were no joke and Johnson will miss the Tulane game while Andrews will be a game-time decision. However, Mayfield’s injury may have been completely faked. As in, it was definitely faked.

Barry Tramel, a long-time sports journalist for the Oklahoman, said on 98.1 The Sports Animal out of Oklahoma City this week that he was “1,000 percent” sure that Mayfield’s injury, or cramping, was faked. Tramel was traveling with the team last week, and while the team probably won’t admit it (Mayfield denied it after the game), he said he knows for a fact that the injury was designed to set up the zone read. Now, the first time they ran it, Mayfield read the linebacker wrong and the play went nowhere. Mayfield didn’t make the same mistake the second time and he took off for a big chunk of yards.

I don’t know if we will see it again. I highly doubt we see it this weekend. The cat is kind of out of the bag at this point. It was a scary brilliant game plan, and shows you the lengths Lincoln Riley and the Sooners will go to in order to get a win. For everyone else in the Big 12, good luck trying to game plan against that.

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