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Oklahoma State Rises To Sixth In Week 4 AP Poll

The Big 12 has another legitimate College Football Contender.

Getty Images - Tim Warner

Oklahoma State grabbed everybody’s attention this week after a dominant victory at Pittsburgh, and the Cowboys jumped to number six in the latest Associated Press Top 25 Poll. The Cowboys leapfrogged Ohio State, Michigan and Washington and were the talk of college football for most of the day. Only Clemson made as impressive of a statement as the Cowboys this week as they shut down Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals on the road. The Tigers switched places with Oklahoma for the number two spot in the rankings.

The Big 12 has made strong statements at the top of the rankings the last two weeks. First, Oklahoma was the big story with their resounding win at Ohio State, and now it is Oklahoma State’s turn in the spotlight. Pittsburgh is a middle of the road team in the ACC, but the way OSU blew the doors off the Panthers is the story here. Now, Oklahoma State is no longer just a dark horse contender for people to watch out for. They are considered a legitimate College Football Playoff contender. The Big 12 has received a boost in national attention and credibility as a result of having two teams in the discussion, even as other teams such as Kansas State and West Virginia have faltered.

Once again, West Virginia is still on the outside looking in. They are effectively sitting at number 26 as they were passed by Oregon and San Diego State. Kansas State took a massive hit this week after their disappointing loss at Vanderbilt. They dropped from 18 to effectively 36 after the loss. I am not convinced that Kansas State still is not the better team compared to Vanderbilt. The Wildcats were hosed by a bad call that cost them a fumble return for a touchdown, and they made some uncharacteristic mistakes that took more points off the board. Kansas State can only blame themselves for the mistakes, but this seems to be an over-reaction. If Kansas State was in the SEC and lost to Vandy on the road 14-7, they might still be in rankings. Need proof? Florida and LSU are still in the rankings this week.

Week 4 AP Poll

  1. Alabama [45]
  2. Clemson [15] 🔺1
  3. Oklahoma [1] 🔻-1
  4. Penn State 🔺1
  5. USC 🔻-1
  6. Oklahoma State 🔺3
  7. Washington 🔻-1
  8. Michigan 🔻-1
  9. Wisconsin 🔺1
  10. Ohio State 🔻-2
  11. Georgia 🔺2
  12. Florida State 🔻-1
  13. Virginia Tech 🔺3
  14. Miami 🔺3
  15. Auburn
  16. TCU 🔺4
  17. Mississippi State 🔺9
  18. Washington State 🔺3
  19. Louisville 🔻-5
  20. Florida 🔺4
  21. South Florida 🔺1
  22. San Diego State 🔺4
  23. Utah 🔺3
  24. Oregon 🔺2
  25. LSU 🔻-13

Others Receiving Votes:
West Virginia 114, Colorado 93, Maryland 84, Vanderbilt 83, Notre Dame 57, Memphis 21, California 19, Stanford 16, Kentucky 11, Kansas St. 10, Duke 10, Tennessee 6, Texas Tech 4, Iowa 2, Wake Forest 2, Michigan St. 1, Houston 1

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