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LGG Big 12 Poll: Week 7

A major upset in week six has shaken up the rankings.

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The Big 12 is a gauntlet, and that was on full display in week six as the Cyclones knocked off the Sooners in Norman. In other conferences, someone might get the skate through their schedule by avoiding the heavy hitters in the other division, but not so in the Big 12. Everybody, plays everybody. But even if they didn’t, can another conference claim that number seven or eight in the conference has a legitimate shot to knock off number one? Let alone 70-80 percent of a 14 team conference being that deep.

Before we get into the rankings, you will see a slight change this week. We’ve added the highest vote and lowest vote each team received in the poll. Hopefully, this way you can see just how split the staff is on some teams. For example, Texas Tech, based on where they ended up this week you might probably would not realize they received a third place vote this week.

1. TCU [2-0, 5-0]

POINTS: 10 (H 1, L 1)
LAST WEEK: Beat WVU, 31-24
THIS WEEK: at Kansas State

We have a new consensus number one! The Horned Frogs were sixth in our preseason poll, but they keep proving us wrong and keep winning. It is time to start believing in quarterback Kenny Hill. Although, I’m sure Gary Patterson would love for everyone to keep doubting his team.

2. OK STATE [1-1, 4-1]

POINTS: 22 (H 2, L 4)
THIS WEEK: vs Baylor

The Cowboys benefit from their in-state rival’s stumble this week and move up a notch in the rankings. Up next is Baylor where Oklahoma State needs to show they can put together a clean game and play mistake free football in a contest where they are heavily favored.

3. OKLAHOMA [1-1, 4-1]

POINTS: 30 (H 2, L 5)
LAST WEEK: Lost to ISU, 38-31
THIS WEEK: vs Texas

The Sooners are in shock after Iowa State went into Norman and pulled off the upset of the 2017 football season. Oklahoma can’t sit around and pout, sulk and lick their wounds, though. The Longhorns would love to deliver a back-to-back loss to effectively kill OU’s College Football Playoff dreams. That’s will be easier said than done. The Sooners are still the team that handled Ohio State on the road, so don’t be surprised if they bounce back in a big way.

4. TEXAS [2-0, 3-2]

POINTS: 36 (H 2, L 5)
LAST WEEK: Beat KSU, 40-34
THIS WEEK: vs Oklahoma

Texas might not be back, but they are just around the corner and are coming strong. The week one loss to Maryland seems like a distant memory of a team not like the one we are seeing now. If they can continue to find a reliable offense behind quarterback Sam Ehlinger to go with their staunch defense, they will give several teams several teams in the conference more than they can handle, starting with Oklahoma this week.

5. WVU [1-1, 3-2]

POINTS: 45 (H 3, L 7)
LAST WEEK: Lost to TCU, 31-24
THIS WEEK: vs Texas Tech

Mountaineer fans, let’s talk. I get the hype before the season. I still get the hype. However, and this is a big however, it’s time to put up or shut up. Because here is the reality of things, we are now seven weeks into the season and West Virginia’s best win is over Kansas in a game that was much closer than the final score would suggest. Beating up cupcakes only can only get them far. Against decent competition, they have not been up to the challenge. Until that hype transfers to something tangible on the field, it’s just unrealized or wasted potential. WVU is lucky they aren’t 6th right now, but I’ll explain that below.

6. TEXAS TECH [1-1, 4-1]

POINTS: 49 (H 3, L 7)
LAST WEEK: Beat KU, 65-19
THIS WEEK: at West Virginia

I disagree with the final poll here. Texas Tech, a team I severely underrated going into the season, has a much better resume than West Virginia to this point. I can admit when I’m wrong, and the Red Raiders are a team that should not be slept on. Texas Tech has three wins better than the Mountaineers best win and have one less loss to WVU’s two. Not to mention, Tech just curb stomped the team WVU needed four quarters to put away. Thankfully, we get see this matchup this week. Will WVU live up to the hype or will Tech continue to impress? We will find out in just a couple of day.

7. IOWA ST [1-1, 3-2]

POINTS: 66 (H 6, L 8)
LAST WEEK: Beat OU, 38-31
THIS WEEK: vs Kansas

The Sooners were dropped two spots following the loss to Iowa State, but the Cyclones were only rewarded with one spot up the polls. That’s not a knock on Iowa State, that’s just how deep the Big 12 is. It is officially a conference were the seventh or eighth-place team can knock off a contender on any given Saturday. With quarterback Jacob Park, backup QB Kyle Kempt, running back David Montgomery, receiver Allen Lazard, safety  Kamari Cotton-Moya and iron man Joel Lanning, don’t be surprised if the Cyclones aren’t finished playing spoiler.

8. K-STATE [1-1, 3-2]

POINTS: 67 (H 6, L 8)
LAST WEEK: Lost to UT, 40-34

Kansas State, what is you doin’? The Wildcats have fallen five spots since starting the season at number three. K-State was supposed to be a dark horse of the conference, but with losses to Vanderbilt and Texas, their best win is over Baylor. With TCU and Oklahoma up next, we will find out a lot more about this team, but it’s clear that most of the staff is ready to cut bait.

9. BAYLOR [0-2, 0-5]

POINTS: 84 (H 9, L 10)
THIS WEEK: at Oklahoma State

Like Oklahoma State, Baylor also benefited from their bye week. The Jayhawks were dismantled by the Red Raiders, and look like a team that just isn’t able to take the next step, while Baylor has been surprising resilient in their last couple of losses. That has the majority of the staff giving the Bears the nod for now.

10. KANSAS [0-2, 1-4]

POINTS: 87 (H 9, L 10)
LAST WEEK: Lost to TTU, 65-19
THIS WEEK: at Iowa State

Again, I was out-voted here. The Bears are winning the ol’ eye-ball test right now, but until the actually get a win, Kansas should get the nod. However, there is no denying that the Jayhawks just aren’t any good. Last season they at least made things interesting when playing in the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium, but even that seems to be slipping. In the last two home games, Kansas has lost by an average of 34 points. That simply will not do.

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