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Big 12 Announces 2018 Football Schedule

Check out the weekly schedule along with each team’s complete schedule here!

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The Big 12 Conference announced the 2018 football schedule on Thursday. A couple of things stand out. There are four weeknight games next year, and it looks like they are still trying to avoid the back-to-back Bedlam rematch. It also looks like West Virginia’s schedule will be particularly tough as they close the season against TCU, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Yikes. What stands out to you?

Below is the weekly schedule followed by each team’s complete schedule.

2018 Big 12 Football Conference Schedule

Saturday, September 15

Oklahoma at Iowa State

Saturday, September 22

Kansas at Baylor
K-State at West Virginia
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State
TCU at Texas

Saturday, September 29

Baylor at Oklahoma
Iowa State at TCU
West Virginia at Texas Tech
Oklahoma State at Kansas
Texas at K-State

Saturday, October 6

Iowa State at Oklahoma State
Kansas at West Virginia
K-State at Baylor
Texas vs. Oklahoma (Dallas)

Thursday, October 11

Texas Tech at TCU

Saturday, October 13

Baylor at Texas
West Virginia at Iowa State
Oklahoma State at K-State

Saturday, October 20

Kansas at Texas Tech
Oklahoma at TCU

Thursday, October 25

Baylor at West Virginia

Saturday, October 27

K-State at Oklahoma
Texas at Oklahoma State
Texas Tech at Iowa State
TCU at Kansas

Saturday, November 3

Iowa State at Kansas
K-State at TCU
West Virginia at Texas
Oklahoma at Texas Tech
Oklahoma State at Baylor

Saturday, November 10

Baylor at Iowa State
Kansas at K-State
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
Texas at Texas Tech
TCU at West Virginia

Saturday, November 17

Iowa State at Texas
Kansas at Oklahoma
West Virginia at Oklahoma State
Texas Tech at K-State
TCU at Baylor

Friday, November 23

Oklahoma at West Virginia
Texas at Kansas

Saturday, November 24

Baylor vs. Texas Tech (Arlington)
K-State at Iowa State
Oklahoma State at TCU

Saturday, December 1

Big 12 Football Championship

Baylor 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Abilene Christian
SEP 15 vs DUKE
SEP 22 vs Kansas
SEP 29 at Oklahoma
OCT 6 vs Kansas State
OCT 13 at Texas
OCT 25 at West Virginia
NOV 3 vs Oklahoma State
NOV 10 at Iowa State
NOV 17 vs TCU
NOV 24 vs Texas Tech (Arlington, TX)

Iowa State 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs South Dakota State
SEP 8 at Iowa
SEP 15 vs Oklahoma
SEP 22 vs Akron
SEP 29 at TCU
OCT 6 at Oklahoma State
OCT 13 vs West Virginia
OCT 27 vs Texas Tech
NOV 3 at Kansas
NOV 10 vs Baylor
NOV 17 at Texas
NOV 24 vs Kansas State

Kansas 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Nicholls State
SEP 8 at Central Michigan
SEP 15 vs Rutgers
SEP 22 at Baylor
SEP 29 vs Oklahoma State
OCT 6 at West Virginia
OCT 20 at Texas Tech
OCT 27 vs TCU
NOV 3 vs Iowa State
NOV 10 at Kansas State
NOV 17 at Oklahoma
NOV 23 vs Texas

Kansas State 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs South Dakota
SEP 8 vs Mississippi State
SEP 15 vs UTSA
SEP 22 at West Virginia
SEP 29 vs Texas
OCT 6 at Baylor
OCT 13 vs Oklahoma State
OCT 27 at Oklahoma
NOV 3 at TCU
NOV 10 vs Kansas
NOV 17 vs Texas Tech
NOV 24 at Iowa State

Oklahoma 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Florida Atlantic
SEP 15 at Iowa State
SEP 22 vs Army
SEP 29 vs Baylor
OCT 6 vs Texas (Dallas, TX)
OCT 20 at TCU
OCT 27 vs Kansas State
NOV 3 at Texas Tech
NOV 10 vs Oklahoma State
NOV 17 vs Kansas
NOV 23 at West Virginia

Oklahoma State 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Missouri State
SEP 8 vs South Alabama
SEP 15 vs Boise State
SEP 22 vs Texas Tech
SEP 29 at Kansas
OCT 6 vs Iowa State
OCT 13 at Kansas State
OCT 27 vs Texas
NOV 3 at Baylor
NOV 10 at Oklahoma
NOV 17 vs West Virginia
NOV 24 at TCU

TCU 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Southern
SEP 8 at SMU
SEP 15 vs Ohio State (Arlington, TX)
SEP 22 at Texas
SEP 29 vs Iowa State
OCT 11 vs Texas Tech
OCT 20 vs Oklahoma
OCT 27 at Kansas
NOV 3 vs Kansas State
NOV 10 at West Virginia
NOV 17 at Baylor
NOV 24 vs Oklahoma State

Texas 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 at Maryland
SEP 8 vs Tulsa
SEP 15 vs USC
SEP 22 vs TCU
SEP 29 at Kansas State
OCT 6 vs Oklahoma (Dallas, TX)
OCT 13 vs Baylor
OCT 27 at Oklahoma State
NOV 3 vs West Virginia
NOV 10 at Texas Tech
NOV 17 vs Iowa State
NOV 23 at Kansas

Texas Tech 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Mississippi (Houston, TX)
SEP 8 vs Lamar
SEP 15 vs Houston
SEP 22 at Oklahoma State
SEP 29 vs West Virginia
OCT 11 at TCU
OCT 20 vs Kansas
OCT 27 at Iowa State
NOV 3 vs Oklahoma
NOV 10 vs Texas
NOV 17 at Kansas State
NOV 24 vs Baylor (Arlington, TX)

West Virginia 2018 Schedule

SEP 1 vs Tennessee (Charlotte, NC)
SEP 8 vs Youngstown State
SEP 15 at NC State
SEP 22 vs Kansas State
SEP 29 at Texas Tech
OCT 6 vs Kansas
OCT 13 at Iowa State
OCT 25 vs Baylor
NOV 3 at Texas
NOV 10 vs TCU
NOV 17 at Oklahoma State
NOV 23 vs Oklahoma


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