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Only Three Big 12 Teams Make Week 13 CFB Playoff Rankings

The Sooners hang onto the fourth-place spot in the rankings this week.

Getty Images - Tom Pennington

The College Football Playoff Committee has not been very kind to the Big 12 in recent weeks, and that trend continued when this week’s rankings were announced on Tuesday evening. The Sooners come in at number four, while TCU is 12th and Oklahoma State is 19th. Those three were the only Big 12 teams named despite 70 percent of the conference having a winning record.

The atrocity, at least where the Big 12 is concerned, is that the committee still placing Oklahoma behind Clemson. Even the AP voters fixed that this week. The Sooners have wins over number 9, 12, and 19 in this week’s rankings, including two of which that were on the road. Compare that two the Clemson who has wins over currently-ranked number 6 and number 25. Clemson also has the worse of the two losses. Oklahoma fell to a surprisingly capable Iowa State team while Clemson lost to a bad Syracuse team who has lost their last four games.

While Oklahoma may be being slighted, we can’t complain too much about TCU and Oklahoma State’s rankings. TCU is still being punished for their loss to Oklahoma two weeks ago, but with a loss before that to Iowa State and their only real win of quality being to a slipping Oklahoma State team, I’m not sure how much higher they deserve to be.

Speaking of Oklahoma State, frankly, I’m surprised to see them in the top 20. Last week’s loss to Kansas State was a bad loss. Kansas State has come no where close to living up to their preseason hype, and the Cowboys were the more talented team on the field. The Pokes have struggled with discipline issues all season and last week is cost them yet again. You can have all the potential in the world, but at a certain point, you are who your record says you are.

Week 13 CFB Playoff Rankings




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