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The Official Visit: A 24-Team FBS Playoff Would Rule

A healthy serving of college football talk just before Thanksgiving.



Getty Images - Peter G Aiken

Join Jay Jordan and Patrick Mayhorn in episode three of the Official Visit as they slowly go insane talking about the possibility of “UCLA head coach Jeff Fisher”. The guys also discuss recent commitments from Tavis Lee, V’Lique Carter, Derek Green, Drew Sanders and Isaiah Spiller. With early signing day approaching, we talk about the incoming swarm of decommitments, and we get our takes off about oversigning and the shady underbelly of recruiting (hint, it’s bad).

We also take some time to envy the FCS playoff system, and propose some options for how that could work in the FBS, mostly because it would be extremely fun and chaotic. We touch briefly on the imminent firing of Kevin Sumlin, and how he could fit at a school like Texas Tech (very well) or Kansas (not well at all). We wrap up talking about Jon Gruden, Chip Kelly, Jim Mora, Jeff Fisher, and why college football is obsessed with bad NFL coaches.

There’s some Thanksgiving talk as well, naturally, as this is the number one food-centric podcast in the country.

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