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Oklahoma, TCU Slighted In Latest CFB Playoff Rankings

Can anyone make sense of this?

College Football Playoff Trophy - CFB Playoff

Admist a wild spin around the coaching carousel on Tuesday, the College Football Playoff Committee released their latest, and second to last, top 25 rankings. It was not good news for the Big 12.

After starting out fairly well represented in the first rankings of the season, the committee has since disrespected the Big 12 more and more with each passing week. The latest slight saw Auburn jump Oklahoma, despite the Tigers having two losses, and TCU still outside of the top 10.

Before the rankings came out, it was thought that Oklahoma would certainly be number two, if not number one. To be number three is hard to justify, and their ranking certainly appears to due to a bias for the SEC.

Of course Auburn’s win over number one Alabama, along with the win over number one Georgia three weeks ago, propelled them to number two in the rankings this week. However, it’s the committee’s job to look at each team’s season as a whole. Any fan off the street can get swept up and overreact to the outcome of one or two games. In Auburn’s case, it’s the committee’s job to consider that one, they have two losses, plain and simple. Two, while the win over Alabama is a good win, but the Tide’s own resume has been questioned.

The SEC is considered by many to be down this year and Bama’s best win is over an average, 3-loss Mississippi State team. A game that was tied until the Tide scored with just half a minute remaining in the game.

And then there is Clemson. The Sooners jumped the Tigers after knocking off number 6 TCU in week 11, but for some reason, now find themselves behind Clemson. The Tigers have one loss, to a terrible 4-win Syracuse team, and zero wins against top 11 opponents.

Where teams are ranked matters, because that can skew future rankings. For example, when the committee slights the Big 12 by keeping TCU outside of the top 10 and behind four other 2-loss teams, then how good will it look if Oklahoma wins the Big 12 Title over TCU? And if TCU wins, can they make the jump into the CFB Playoff? It’s doubtful.

The Sooners have just one loss, to a better than expected and competent Iowa State team, and three wins against top 11 teams, including two on the road. However, because one of those wins didn’t come last week, a week in which they dismantled West Virginia, they get jumped in the rankings.

Week 14 CFB Playoff Rankings

  1. Clemson
  2. Auburn
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Alabama
  6. Georgia
  7. Miami
  8. Ohio State
  9. Penn State
  10. USC
  11. TCU
  12. Stanford
  13. Washington
  14. Central Florida
  15. Notre Dame
  16. Michigan State
  17. LSU
  18. Washington State
  19. Oklahoma State
  20. Memphis
  21. Northwestern
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Mississippi State
  24. NC State
  25. Fresno State


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