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Gabriel Douglas Decommits From Texas Tech

Texas Tech loses one of their highest ranked commitments.



Getty Images - John Weast

Recruiting is an extremely strange game sometimes. These are 18-year-old kids making the biggest decision of their lives, of course, and that can spark some very interesting last second choices. However, it’s hard to say that very many people saw this one coming. Yesterday, after being committed to Texas Tech for roughly a year and a half, with no signs of a wavering commitment, Gabriel Douglas announced his decommitment from Tech. I won’t speculate on the reasons, but based on where he’s likely headed, it’s reasonable to think that Douglas may not have qualified academically.


With the loss of Douglas, Texas Tech is down to 17 members in their 2018 class, five of which are receivers. The sheer number of receivers Texas Tech has in this class certainly helps soften the blow of this loss, but Douglas was the second highest ranked member of the class, and losing his talent will hurt TTU in the long run, as he made a lot of sense in their offensive system.

Douglas’ decommitment is so shocking because the way he had handled his recruitment to this point. He never really strayed from Texas Tech, and told pretty much every team that cam eafter him that he wasn’t interested, and that he’d be signing with Texas Tech. The only other offer he lists on 247Sports is from Indiana, but he won’t be ending up in Bloomington, or Lubbock, or any D1 school. No, Douglas will be headed to Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, Mississippi after he visited last week and loved the campus.

Douglas could still end up in Lubbock next year, but in the 2018 season, he’ll be playing football in Mississippi, not Texas.

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