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The OV: Building A P5 Team, Draft Talk, And Signing Day Reflection

We get back into the swing of things with an extremely on-brand hypothetical.



Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire

We’re back, with what be our most on-brand episode to date. This episode, we kick it off with some recruiting talk (which we haven’t done in several months, oops), as we name our biggest winners, losers, risers, and fallers from this past Signing Day, and talk about what the future may look like at Michigan, Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Louisville. After that, we get into some draft talk, in which we each name our top five draft prospects, what we like about them, and how we see them fitting into the NFL. This leads us down a Lamar Jackson based path in which we yell at Bill Polian and other NFL scout types for having dumb opinions, and for being patronizing to college football.

We finish it off with a really fun hypothetical: “If you had twenty years to get an already existing FCS team to P5 conference as the athletic director, what school do you pick, and what is the recruiting strategy/play style you look for”.

We had pretty similar answers, for similar reasons, as is very common on this show, but we still go pretty in-depth, and you know we talk about some triple option.

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