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Former Baylor Receiver Corey Coleman Named In Testimony of Beating Victim

Coleman is accused of leading a group of assailants who attacked a Cleveland man and left him unconscious in a parking garage.



Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Corey Coleman, a former Baylor wide receiver and current player for the Cleveland Browns, has been accused of leading an ambush that resulted in the beating of personal trainer Adam Sapp in the parking garage of Coleman’s Cleveland apartment in December 2016.

Coleman has not been accused of assaulting Sapp himself, but his brother Jonathan and roommate Jared Floyd were originally charged with felonies after the incident.

There is video evidence of the attack, which began as a confrontation between Sapp, Floyd and Coleman in an elevator in the Cleveland apartment lobby. According to Corey Shaffer of, the surveillance video shows that after that confrontation, Sapp exited the elevator towards the parking garage and was then pursued by Corey Coleman and others. Exactly what transpired after that is not shown.

Coleman’s brother Jonathan and roommate Floyd pled guilty to felony charges associated with the assault and Jonathan Coleman is currently on trial for felonious assault. In court on Tuesday, Sapp said he did not remember being hit by Corey Coleman, but that he did remember the former Baylor wideout leading the pack that attacked him.

Corey Coleman had not been called as a witness or been charged with anything. Sapp had previously said that he did not remember anything that happened just before he was beaten, but on Tuesday he claimed to have regained his memory with the help of his psychologist.

In addition, Sapp filed a civil suit in January that names Corey Coleman – along with his brother and Floyd – as a participant in the attack.

The lawyers representing the Coleman brothers have raised questions about the reliability of Sapp’s memory and are claiming that the suit is motivated purely by the financial gain Sapp stands to receive from the $25,000 in damages that he’s seeking.

The details of the incident have remained somewhat convoluted, as evidenced by the fact that this is actually Jonathan Coleman’s second trial. He was tried last year, but jurors were unable to reach a verdict in November.

Corey Coleman is remembered by Big 12 fans as a productive receiver under former Bears head coach Art Briles. In 2016, the Cleveland Browns selected him with the 15th overall pick in the draft. He has been with the Browns since that time.

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