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WATCH: Police Release Body Cam Footage of Texas Tech Players’ Arrest

A wild night out lands four Texas Tech players in jail.



We are learning more details of what led to the arrest of four Texas Tech football players over the weekend as body cam footage of the incident has been released.

The incident took place when an officer observed linebacker Christian Taylor punch and shatter a car windshield outside of a nightclub near the school. As the seemingly intoxicated Taylor was being taken into custody, a large crowd, including several of Taylor’s teammates, gathered agitated by Taylor’s arrest. Police estimate the crowd grew to about 150 people outside of Bash Riprock’s nightclub.

Local bouncers are seen in the video coming to the officer’s aid in trying to manage the crowd, and several football players are seen trying to pull their teammates back. However, it was not enough to keep everyone out of handcuffs.

In all, 10 people were arrested. Taylor was charged with criminal mischief, and teammates Desmon Smith and Quan Shorts, along with six people not part of the team, were charged with disorderly conduct. Towards the end of the video you can hear someone saying, “Quan, shut up!”.

Quarterback Jett Duffey was also arrested for criminal mischief as police witnessed him punch a hole in the side of a building as he was walking away from the scene.

There is no word yet on what kind of punishment the four players may receive from athletic department. The school released a statement saying they are aware of the situation and are looking into the matter.


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