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Baker Mayfield Recreates Brett Favre’s Draft Day Photo

And it’s epic!



Twitter - Baker Mayfield

Will Baker Mayfield go number one overall in this year’s NFL Draft? We are just hours from learning that answer, but one thing is for sure: Mayfield is having fun with the process.

Thursday morning Mayfield sent social media into a frenzy by re-creating the famous photo of Brett Favre on draft day, 1991 when he received the call from the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the draft.

I’ve spent more time than I feel comfortable admitting looking at the two photos, and I’m still blown away by the attention to detail. The jorts, the wigs, the white hat, the t-shirts, the phone, the guy with his eyes closed, but perhaps the most amazing detail might just be the room itself.

According to Jake Trotter of ESPN, Mayfield’s mom went out and bought wood-panel wallpaper just to re-create the photo. More impressively, it reportedly only took three hours to set up.

The Sooner star has become somewhat known for his antics, and not everyone is a fan of Mayfield already making comparisons of himself to one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. Just don’t count Favre as one of those people. He replied to the photo wishing Mayfield luck tonight, and had some fun with it in the process.

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